Cultural Events

Community Cultural Events

(According to Bangla Calendar and months)


last day of Caitra to 4th day of Baishakh.

Rathyatra or Kang festival


Durga Puja

Aswin /Kartik

Laxmi Puja

After 5 days past Durga Puza

Kartika Festval

During the month of Kartik/ Agrahayon, immediately after Laxmi puza

Mahharasa or Ras purnima

After 30 days past Laxmi Puza

Saraswati Puza




Leishang jonmo


Faguwa or Holy festival

immediate day after Leishang jonmo

Cultural events in Manipur

(According to English Calendar and months)

Ningol Chakouba

second day of the new moon in November

Yaoshang:Thabal Chongba

in the full moon day of February/March

Heikru Hitongba

Celebrated in the month of September

Cheiraoba - The Meitei NewYear

Celebrated during the month of April